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Meet Lynne Lamothe

Lynne been a fitness pro since 2003 and she’s made it a priority to keep up with the most current research and science in the fitness industry. She doesn’t believe in gimmicks and magic bullets, so her fitness programs are designed to keep participants moving safely and effectively for as long as possible. She loves to hang out with her husband and two dogs, mountain biking, hiking, cooking, and reading.

Qualifications: FIS, PTS, BA, B.Ed, M. Ed.

Class Descriptions

Strength and Cardio: a double-tap workout for building strength and burning calories. You will use medium and heavy weights to strengthen everything from your eyelashes to your toes.

Strength: a total body strength building class designed to build and maintain muscle mass using dumbbells. No need to worry about bulking up, this class is about fighting middle-age spread, frailty, and making sure we can carry a case of beer well into our 90s.

Cardio: Cardio HIIT, body weight strength conditioning, mobility, booty and core… it’s got it all!

Why is it called Fresh Air Fit?

Every class is a breath of fresh air: the classes are never the same and each class is unique.

Breathe your own air: enjoy the safety and convenience of your own home.

Enjoy your fitness in the fresh air: weekend warriors rejoice! Lynne’s programs are designed to help maintain and improve your athletic performance.